Alexandra Bellefeuille
Born January 27, 1994
Ottawa, ON

Combining different forms of abstract styles such as abstract expressionism, biomorphic abstraction and tachisme, Alexandra Bellefeuille’s body of work will transport you to other worlds. 

The unique combination of texture, colour and pattern ignites differing emotional responses and allows the viewer to escape reality on a subconscious level. 

With an interest in nature and all living things, Alexandra draws from her spiritual existence to create a utopian escape. Every piece she creates manifests a renewed perspective of the world which is directly influenced by our universe. 

Alexandra hosted her first solo art exhibition June 19th, 2021 entitled ‘Exploration: Diving Into Mediums’. She now works from her studio in Ottawa, ON.


“When I was a child, I lived with my grandmother who was an artist.
She created enormous oil canvases that were showcased in almost every room.

Most days, I would sit and imagine myself in the worlds she created.
It was as if the frame was a door and if I stared long enough,
I could walk through it.

Today, I paint to create new worlds.
Spaces of escape and places of imagination.”